An introduction from Matt

Well, this is all very new and exciting. I’ve wanted to do something like this for a little while. A podcast where I can chat to someone about the stuff I like. It seems fun. I do it all the time (without the recording bit) after all.

I can’t really write and I like to mumble (powerful tools for someone with podcast aspirations), but I’m going to enjoy it all none the less.

I’ve bought a microphone, I’ve walked through most of central London searching for a windshield for it and finally got one. Ready to roll.

‘Hey mate do you sell windshields for microphones?’
‘Never mind’

I’m sat at my desk and I’m feeling like someone with all the gear and no idea. A bit like that kid in high school with the top of the range guitar, but he can only play two chords. Badly.

Andrew and I did a recording a couple of days ago and it was a laugh, so here I am talking about it. One of the things we stumbled on (and we’ll stumble onto things a lot) was the build up to film releases. I came to the realisation that I wish this ‘building up’, this marketing of films with their trailers and magazine previews, didn’t exist. Just give us the date of when it’s coming out and leave it at that.

 I can see why they do it and I lap it up every time, but ultimately it ruins it for me slightly.

I went into the Dark Knight having seen nothing. Apart from The Joker I had no idea what to expect. Everything was a massive surprise to me – I hadn’t already seen a lot of the best bits in the trailers. For Dark Knight Rises I saw every trailer at least 10 times. I got the special edition of Empire magazine, I followed every relevant Twitter account (and don’t even get me started on showing the opening scene before a Harry Potter film). I went into the film with a rough plot already in my head. Bane knows Batman’s true identity? Yeah, I knew that already. Marion Cotillard turns out to be Talia? Made aware of that by Twitter too.

What resulted was a film that had no chance of managing my expectations. It didn’t help that it wasn’t as good as its predecessor – it was never going to be anyway – but I can’t help but feel this played a big part of that for me. It’s my fault, I’m not forced to watch the trailers or spend hours on internet forums, but I can’t help myself.

So when the trailers and the new photos for Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad come out will I pay any notice?

Of course I will.



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