We’ve been doing this for a couple of weeks now and I’ve felt like a bit of a novice in the Superhero universe. Andrew has already talked about Swamp Thing, Saga, some Marvel stuff, Ex on the Beach (it’s true he did), and countless other things. I’ve realised there’s so much stuff I haven’t watched or read. I want to explore this universe more than I have already.

So I’ve binged. My debit card has taken a hit. I’ve gone to Forbidden Planet. I stood in the check out line next to a guy with a massive C3PO tattoo on his arm and I spent spent spent.

My shopping basket consisted of:

  • Saga of the Swamp Thing book one
  • Guardians of the Galaxy DVD
  • Spawn DVD – after I declared it to be the worst film of all time in Episode two I spotted this in the shop for 3 quid. I just had to.

Ok it’s not really a binge, but pay day isn’t until next week. So shut up.

Gotham starts back up on Channel 5 this week with a double bill too. This is going to be a fun/interesting/confusing/boring week (delete as applicable at the end of the week). Monday night brought back the return of Gotham on Channel 5, or Wednesday night when I eventually managed to watch it online. I’ve been looking forward to it since the first half finished at the end of last year, although the more I think of it the more I ask myself: “Why?“

The problem with Gotham is that it feels like it’s just making it up as it goes along, which it probably is. Some of the acting is poor, and when one of the guilty culprits is playing Jim Gordon, the main character, you’re in a bit of bother.

A lot of the episodes feel like fillers so they can get 20 odd episodes a season. It’s all a bit quantity over quality. Some of these episodes are pretty terrible. Balloon Man anyone? A villain who kills his victims by attaching them to giant weather balloons. Or ‘The Mask’ episode which involved a company who performed job interviews by squaring off candidates in a fight to the death. Winner gets the job, the loser…well, you know. I’ve been pretty keen on getting a job before but that seemed a little extreme. Maybe the pay was great, I mean REALLY great. Perhaps it had an awesome bike to work scheme? A ridiculous episode that just didn’t work.

Some episodes are great and I think The Penguin is a really interesting character that is developing well within the storyline but I feel like if I was viewing for entertainment alone, and not for my love of Batman, I’d have switched off months ago. Still, I want to see how it progresses so I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. It’ll probably be forced upon me when it’s pulled after the first season, which I think it probably will. At which point I’ll bitch and moan and demand it reinstated. “It’s TV GOLD, you fools!”

Thursday night, and after being told countless times to watch it by friends and Andrew, I settled down for a bit of Guardians of the Galaxy. Loved it, absolutely LOVED it. I remember when I saw the trailer for it a while ago with a mate and he asked ‘Is that a talking badger? … that a walking tree?!’. Something told me he wasn’t keen and I certainly wasn’t but I’m glad I eventually watched it. The main character, Peter Quill aka Star Lord, is basically Marvel’s version of Han Solo and how can you not love that? Dare I say it but it’s my favourite Marvel film, which to be fair isn’t very hard.

Saturday morning and I’m hungover. I can never sleep on hangovers these days so I stick on Spawn. It may help me back to sleep and all that. It’s even worse than I remembered and I feel like I’ve already given too much attention to this crap.

Moving on.

Throughout the week I’ve been reading book one of Saga of The Swamp Thing. I’m half way through it and enjoying it a lot. It took me a while to start to enjoy the artwork, I wasn’t initially keen but it works. It’s very detailed but it’s ugly and I think that suits the subject matter perfectly. I’ve not read a lot of comic books, I started by reading some Batman (Long Halloween, Killing Joke, Year one, Earth One etc etc) and then I moved on to Saga and now Swamp Thing. Given the fact the main protagonist of Swamp Thing is a giant walking plant (kinda) I was surprised how clever and imaginative the writing was. It’s something that I think Graphic Novels don’t get enough credit for.

Swamp Thing may seem slightly dated in some parts but I think it mainly holds up to this day, which given that it was released 30 years ago is pretty impressive. I’ll certainly be reading book two and beyond.

A very fun week (more or less) and that’s even before I start Ex on the Beach! Can’t wait…



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