Who would win in a fight between Batman and Superman?

Who would win in a fight between Iron Man and Thor?

Who would win in a fight between Batman and Iron Man?

I reckon that last one would spark more debate than the first two. Why? Because it’s not just about pitting two characters against each other, it’s about pitting two publishers against each other.

I am, of course, talking about the perennial battle of good versus just-as-good, AKA DC vs Marvel.

And if you were to believe everything you read, the fans of each will take no shit from no one when it comes to defending their publisher of choice.

What I’ve found interesting of late is that I seem to see many people on Twitter decrying the intolerance fans hold towards each other, and pleading for unity. They write things a bit like this:

There’s plenty of room for both companies out there!

DC and Marvel fanboys bashing each other is so stupid!

Stuff like that.

What I don’t seem to be seeing a lot of is the tweets that actually spark these moralistic backlashes.

Where is this outlandish aggression that needs taming? I’ve seen a bit of good natured jibing, and I’ve seen a couple more direct statements, but all revolving round an opinion, not hate mongering or anything close to it.

Yes, of course I may be simply moving in a different Twitterverse than these ghostly pugilists, but I can’t help but feel that a lot of this war is all in the imagination of those who so vehemently oppose it.

By taking the moral high ground they shine a light on themselves in an arena that is nowhere near as dark as they would like us to believe.



Oh, and by the way, Image could take DC and Marvel at the same time with its hands tied behind its back.


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