Crime is rife around the Smith Tower, but our heroes have got their hands full Tardiswith the week’s goings on – The Bromley Batman AKA The Shadow has been to the press, everyone is talking about Star Wars Battlefront, and nasty Batman V Superman spoilers are threatening to jump out every time you look at Twitter.

The Smith Men take shelter in the Smith Tower to discuss all the above, as well as the latest Swamp Thing trade, David Icke, cats vs dogs, and a hypothesis on why the Queen is so fond of Corgis.

Then it’s on to the good doctor, Doctor Who himself, and a discussion on the episode, The Bells of St. John.

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Heads up:

The 30 Minutes of Diabolical episode we mention is here: https://soundcloud.com/squidnova/saturn

Chester Comic Co, Andy’s local comics retailer, can be found online here: http://chestercomicco.com/

Contact: thesmithsignal@gmail.com


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