BatLondonIn a special cross-over episode with our friends at 30 Minutes of Diabolical, the Smith Men ponder what it means to be British in such an America-centric superheroic world.

Could Batman exist in London? How do we believe the States view us Brits, and vice-versa? How does the prohibition on street firearms impact the way our British heroes work?

All are tackled. As are the Bromley Batman, marathons, and Ant-Man, Minions and The Lion King musical get flash reviews!

Join us!

And a shout out to Curtis and Chuck of 30 Minutes of Diabolical. If you like the Smith men, you want to give them a try, and be sure to look out for their latest episode where they tackle this topic from the opposite side of the pond!

Find them at their website here

Or Follow them on Twitter: @86Cujo and @Romba

Or find us on iTunes here

Or Stitcher here.

And for your convenience, here is our pals at 30 minutes of Diabolical’s track:


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