So you may have heard the word on the street by now: Warner Brothers are a little concerned about Batman V Superman; that test screenings have not yielded the desired effects and the whole thing might not be as great as we all want it to be.

But I say don’t sweat it. Everyone just chill and wait, and don’t let this nay-saying damped your excitement.

For starters, all of these reports actually stem from one single report – a video segment on HitFix to be precise. There, Drew McWeeny states that he has heard the scuttlebutt from good sources. I don’t know McWeeny’s work, and I have no opinion either way regarding his reliability, but really…who cares?

Test audiences are just a scattering of people. And you may remember a similar rumour that did the rounds not too long ago about execs giving the film a standing ovation. Now yes, I know the execs, having their jobs on the line, were likely to clap a turd if they had spent $400m producing it, but it illustrates the point that all this rumbling doesn’t amount to much.

There is also something to be said for the way the media works (and the way we click on the links that feeds it) – a BVS IS SHITE headline is more likely to grab your eyes than a BVS RULES headline.

So I’m telling you that I had a vision last night, and in that vision a wise wolf told me that he had seen BVS and it was awesome. There, an equally unsubstantiated news article. Believe mine or believe theirs. Or just enjoy the ride and go into the film with an open mind.

Bottom line, McWeeny’s report may be totally on the money. It might not. If it’s not…nothing to worry about. If it is, YOU won’t know if it’s any good or not until you see it for yourself.


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