We are Andrew and Matt Smith. We are brothers, two of four, making us one half of the collective i.e 50%.

Andrew was born in 1978 and has been alive ever since. He is married with a daughter and lives in Chester. He likes comics, films, guitars, and death metal. He is a big fan of Norm Breyfogle and Alan Grant’s Batman run, but not wild about Scott Snyder. He thinks the V for Vendetta movie is better than the book. He thinks Swamp Thing is a beautiful character, and wishes he was real (but fuck the Snyder run).

Matt quite liked Phantom Menace. Now that’s out there,  we can continue. Born in 1983, lives in London and wakes up on night buses in scary places far too often. Yes, yes, Jar Jar was terrible. Recently converted to Kindle, I can read 50 shades of Grey now without the embarrassment if I wanted. Love film, music (Andrew, death metal is rubbish), reading anything, quoting Simpsons and Alan Partridge lines to anyone who gets it (and judging those who don’t), and sports – go sports. Because Darth Maul was awesome that’s why!

Earliest superhero memory – making my Batman figure have sex with my Wonder Woman figure when I was about 8. Everyone did that, right? Right??


Goddamn Britain. Chester and London to be precise. However, the show is actually recorded in a nebulous middle ground between the two, known as The Smith Tower.


The show can be loosely described as an audio tour through our mostly blank minds. In it, we discuss film, comics, and sci fi. If you find it funny, we did that on purpose; if you don’t, we’re sure you will let us know.


As often as we can build up the courage.


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